Here we go again— Microsoft has done an excellent job of executing the Windows 8/RT and Windows Phone 8 launch at just about every level. They have solid products, great events showing them off and more. One thing that doesn’t fit is the continued elephant in the room that is the name “Metro”.

We heard that “Microsoft Design Language” might be the new name for referring to the language aspects of the new Windows 8 UI going forward. This was because the Build 2012 materials mentioned it several times.

While the language name might very well be MDL, what about the name of the UI and the new apps?

Now we at least now what to call Metro apps. Many of us have recently just called these things “Windows 8 apps” but that could confuse some users because of Windows 8 desktop applications being something entirely different.

The solution? Apparently they are utilizing the boring and long “Windows 8 Store apps” as the official name. Yah… not a huge fan but I suppose it does the job.

What about the interface itself? What do we call this thing? Metro? Modern? Windows 8 UI? While Microsoft hasn’t spoke up on an official name, Microsoft’s Will Tschumy did mention that the interface might be called “Windows 8 Store-style”, though not official.

In a word: Ugly.

Sure, the average consumer will probably just say “the Windows 8 screen” and Windows 8 apps, but for advertising purposes, Metro really was sexy and sleek. Even the name “Modern” at least was to the point and didn’t sound that bad. But “Windows 8 Store-style”?

What do you think? Should Microsoft have fought to keep the Metro name or perhaps settled with Modern? Share your thoughts below.

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  • zulbia_bamie

    seriously!? what the hell is Microsoft thinking?!
    I really like the Metro (or what ever the fuck they call it now) and I think it is innovative and fresh but , this naming will hurt the whole damn thing.

  • Misterbear Fapp

    Not to be confused with Windows 8 Gangnam Style.