Reports first came out back in June that Microsoft was looking to replace the Messenger app in Windows 8.1 with Skype. Redmond did not actually confirm or deny the news at that time.

But now the software titan has officially confirmed that Skype will come installed with Windows 8.1 by default. This new change is part of the company’s efforts to streamline its services and strengthen its ecosystem by merging certain services.

Microsoft made the announcement in a blog post saying:

“Over 300 million people today use Skype for the most personal connections in their lives, sharing those everyday moments big and small across messaging, audio and video calling. With Windows 8.1, Skype is included right from (the) Start, making your new Windows device the best way to stay close and connected.”

This blog post is actually the first in a series that will take a look at more than 20 new and enhanced apps, services and features that are to be part of Windows 8.1 when it launches on October 18.

Redmond has also created an interesting little infographic that goes over the default apps that are to be included in the upcoming operating system — though new additions like Alarms, Reader, Calculator, Sound Recorder and Scan.

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