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Hot off the confirmation that it is renaming and rebranding its cloud platform, Redmond is now back with even more news about its cloud based service. Good, inspiring news.

The rebranding of Windows Azure to Microsoft Azure was made official earlier this week.

And now the technology titan has confirmed that the cloud infrastructure and service has officially launched in China, in collaboration with 21Vianet. This partner company will operate the cloud platform and provide support from multiple locations in the country:

According to Microsoft, this launch will support the growing appetite for cloud services in what it calls an important region — which is cent per cent true, as Japan and China are two of the most key countries in the continent when it comes to cloud technology:

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“Coming on the heels of the general availability of Microsoft Azure for Japan just last month, this is yet another rapidly delivered milestone in our strategy to bring the benefit of Microsoft’s enterprise-grade cloud technologies to people and businesses around the world.

Cloud computing is a big part of the future for China, and we are thrilled to play a role in bringing this future to our customers.”

Redmond further commented that choosing 21Vianet was a logical decision as this company already provides cloud services to more than 3,000 customers.

This move has been planned for quite some time now, actually.

Reports first came out over a year ago that Windows Azure (as it was known back then) would be going live in China with a massive new data center. Even Steve Ballmer, the former Microsoft CEO, saw the Chinese and Japanese cloud markets as absolutely vital for future growth.

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  1. Cloud services are definitely the way to go at this point, especially in Asia as you mentioned. I’m surprised it launched today, though. Did anyone know this was planned for today or was it a surprise?

  2. What exactly does Azure do? Is it just a wireless storage service?

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