Redmond’s cloud train has reached Japan, with the company officially launching the Windows Azure cloud services in the country that has recorded impressive growth in this arena.

According to research firm IDC, the Japanese cloud market is on track to reach $1.6 billion in 2014, and cloud providers are trying to make the most from this growth. Microsoft has also just confirmed that Windows Azure services are growing in the country.

Takeshi Numoto, the corporate vice president, Cloud and Enterprise marketing at Microsoft made the announcement of the general availability of the service in the market:

“Less than a year ago, we announced Windows Azure services for Japan to support the growing demand for Microsoft’s cloud services. I am pleased to share that Windows Azure in Japan East (Saitama Prefecture) and Japan West (Osaka Prefecture), will be generally available later Tuesday.”

The company claims that demand for Windows Azure increased so rapidly that they are doubling capacity every six to nine months. In Japan, however, the storage use of the cloud service increased by impressive figures of 10x in the past 15 months.

Microsoft also shared some statistics regarding its cloud infrastructure, saying that up until now they have invested a total of $15 billon to make more than 200 services available to 1 billion customers in a total of 90 markets across the globe.

No wonder other cloud companies are wary, no wonder.

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