I’ve always wanted to say that I’ve got Windows on my coffee mug! Well, if Microsoft had their way, this could be reality in the coming years, as the company is ready to bring its operating system on smaller devices, including teddy bears and coffee mugs.

It is Intel that has been leading the charge, actually, in order to have more and more devices powered by microprocessors. But Microsoft is not far behind in this endeavor.

In fact, so serious is the software titan about this, that it plans to talk about this in detail at the BUILD 2014 developer conference that is about to kick off in a hour.

Microsoft has also launched a new website about Windows on Devices.

The cornerstone of this project, the company says, is the Intel Galileo board that will enable developers to create smarter small tools (robots included) with technologies like sensors reading and collecting all sorts of data:

“Whether you are an experienced Windows developer looking to jump into the Internet of Things or you are new to Windows development and want to build the next big thing—we’re excited to see what you can do.”

Microsoft plans to release a completely new SDK in spring this year that will allow developers a glimpse into what this new software can accomplish — more updates are to follow in the coming months.

Rumors about Redmond jumping into the field of wearables, smartwatches have been swirling around for months now, and it sees certain with each passing days that the Windows operating system is ready to mark its arrival on all sorts of devices, this side of the traditional PC.

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  • Ray C

    Cool. At least this site covers this type of news in semi-good taste most of the time. I’ve been on couple sites that are not MS-focused, and they’re talking about dumb stuff like your mug blue screening and the XP ATM hack.

    • Fahad Ali

      Why, thank you! Jokes have their places, but they should not be in bad taste. Besides, it’s technology, best enjoyed for what it is.

  • JohnCz

    One of the cool areas I was hoping Microsoft would get into. I’ve got some ideas for home automation that I’d like to see how this might fit in. It will be interesting to see how this differs from say Windows Embedded though.