If there is one Microsoft app that is high on several most wanted lists, it is the Windows RT version of Outlook. Rumors, however, have been raging for a while now that it is in development.

But according to a new report, Redmond is now giving the application final touches and it could very well see a public release within the next few weeks.

The ever reliable Paul Thurrott of WinSuperSite.com believes that the ARM version of Outlook is already being tested by people who are not working for Microsoft — meaning the application is almost baked and ready for action.

Chances are that the company has sent the app to select developers to take it for a spin, and try to detect any potential bugs that can be ironed out before general release.

And speaking of release dates, no information as of right now.

But word is that Microsoft refused to include Outlook RT in the first public Windows RT build due to a pesky little firmware bug that was affecting the ARM chipset — one that would crash the app all of a sudden.

Unfortunate, but makes total sense why such an important application was not bundled with Surface RT and other Windows RT tablets. In fact, many decried this upon release of Microsoft’s ARM based operating system.

As always, Microsoft is yet to comment on this, seeing as the company rarely does on its future plans. But I guess we can expect Outlook for Windows RT to see daylight very soon,

Particularly as we get nearer to the public debut of Windows Blue.

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