Windows 8.1 is fast nearing release, but the public preview version of the upcoming operating system has provided users and businesses a chance to check out a number of new features Microsoft has included in the OS.

And it turns out that the company has managed to do an excellent job with the first major overhaul for its flagship platform.

MBA IT, a Microsoft Gold Partner for Volume Licensing recently tested out Windows 8.1 to determine its viability for enterprise usage, and the company is pleased with what it has seen so far. It said in a press release that Windows 8.1 does a splendid job of restoring credibility.

In a statement, George Ralph, technical director at MBA IT, explained:

“Windows 8.1 has addressed the security concerns that many of our customers had, with device encryption for all 8.1 devices and the introduction of Remote Business Data Removal – whereby lost or stolen devices can be wiped remotely.”

Sure this comes from a Microsoft partner, but it must be remembered that the vanilla version of Windows 8 was criticized by some Microsoft partner organizations as well. Ralph continued:

“Microsoft had a lot to prove after the negative publicity surrounding Windows, but I think 8.1 goes a long way towards restoring credibility in this as an Enterprise-ready platform. There is no doubt that BYOD is the hot topic right now, and having built in Open Mobile Device Alliance Device Management will resonate with our customers.”

In any case, this is another sign that Redmond is putting focus firmly and squarely both on end users and the enterprise sector this time around. The software titan has made a point to listen to customer feedback and address it in the best way possible.

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