Touchy feely are we now? It goes without saying the way Microsoft’s latest platform lives and dies by touch. It’s just the way Redmond has designed Windows 8 from the grounds up.

Microsoft’s chief financial officer, Peter S. Klein was quoted as saying at the Goldman Sachs Technology and Internet Conference, by none other than PCMag. In one simple line he explained the gist of it all:

“People really need to touch and see and play with it.”

Ha, nice and simple — but true and factual, nevertheless.

Reading, even watching reviews of the slate is one thing, seeing and experiencing in person is another. Both Surface models (Surface RT and Surface Pro) have extraordinary build quality, and the hardware engineers over at Microsoft have really delivered a very refined product.

But one thing where even Microsoft would admit it is faltering is the supply and distribution of the tablets, particularly the Pro version.

The company is most definitely playing it safe by releasing the tablets in phases — Surface Pro is only launching in North America for now, just as the RT flavor is getting ready to conquer a whole bunch of important European markets.

Nevertheless, both devices are not yet widely circulated (particularly outside the North American continent), meaning those that want to get their hands on one still have a bit of a task to scout a piece, let alone take a tablet for a test drive.

Makes touching all that more difficult, eh?

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  • MSGuy

    Could be getting close now for the UK. On the UK site the Surface Pro was Coming Soon, then with the release in the US changed to Coming in Early 2013. Now it has changed back to Coming soon and has a £ sign on the site. Hopefully this could be the sign of a price soon and possibly even a release date 🙂

  • Robert Trance

    That tablet is soooo damn gorgeous! Seriously, tech-porn, LOL!
    …with rounded corners and all…haha

    • Rex

      I dont know. I would say those corners are pretty sharp ;).

      • Robert Trance

        Ye, ok, bit more than others, still a beautiful device, with beautiful OS