Corporate restructurings are a tough and long process. Microsoft may currently be going through a little reorganization of its own, but even this one is supposed to take up to a year to finish.

The plan is to help the technology titan increase its focus on devices and services, and have the various teams work in complete cohesion.

Obviously there is a small matter of Steve Ballmer retiring from the company, and the board having to look for a replacement CEO to oversee the Redmond Empire.

And AllThingsD is now reporting that a whole bunch of internal changes are currently taking place inside the company. The board is said to be planning to appoint a new head of the operating system division, one that could overhaul and revamp the Windows platform and the other related products.

Sources in on the matter have revealed that Terry Myerson, who Ballmer selected as the chief of the OS division as part of his reorganization, will remain in charge of this unit.

But Joe Belfiore, who previously headed the Windows Phone division, will now be responsible for a new unit that is focused on phones, tablets and PCs running Windows. Henry Sanders is poised to lead a brand new team that will specifically focus on the development of Microsoft’s operating system.

Dean Hachamovitch will be leading work on Internet Explorer. Marc Whitten, on the other hand, will become head of the Xbox team, while Chris Jones has been tasked to take care of services.

A lot to go through, I know, but hey, no one said corporate organizations were an easy affair!

Keener eyes among you may have noticed that some other high-profile executives with Microsoft are surprisingly missing and are not part of this new reorganization. These include leaders of the testing division, Grant George and Antoine Leblond — both popular and well-known figures.

And while no details have been provided about a potential departure of these two executives, one never can say with authority that they will be there in Redmond by this time next year.

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