Those of you already on the Windows 8 bandwagon most definitely know that Microsoft has created several Windows 8 apps in-house and made them available for its new operating system.

All of them make use of the Modern UI and offer various essential functionalities.

Now it appears that the Redmond based technology titan is getting ready to give them a new coat of polish before the release of Windows Blue — improving performance, adding new enhancements as well as take care of bugs and issues reported by the users.

The always reliable Mary Jo Foley over at ZDNet believes that the updates may be released as early as this month, even though Windows Blue is not expected to launch until around August this year.

This major apps update will include applications like Mail, Calendar, Music and Games for both Windows 8 and Windows RT, and most probably will be released in this month’s upcoming Patch Tuesday update. We will know for sure as the release notes float up.

But one thing is for sure, the core Microsoft apps for Windows 8 do need a bit of a trim job.

And more importantly, if Redmond can schedule some sort of a monthly cycle of updates for its apps, it could prove be the proverbial an icing on the cake. These core apps are a critical component of the Windows 8 user experience, and the more polished they are, the better.

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  1. nice one! looking forward 😉
    i already like the apps the way they are but there is always room for improvements! especially the mail, calendar and xbox Music apps

    • True, true. 🙂 The other apps can wait, but the most important ones could do with some much needed enhancements.

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