Microsoft Planning To Expand The Surface Brand With Nokia’s Help

Microsoft and Nokia penned new deal on Monday to sees Redmond take over the Finnish giant’s devices and services division. Needless to say, this new acquisition is pretty much the talk of the town right now.

While this shows that Redmond seems to be fully prepared to take its mobile ambitions to the next level, it also means that the company is preparing to unleash a wave of mobile devices in the next couple of years.

And how Microsoft manages both the Lumia and Surface brands once the deal is finalized is something to keep an eye on. Digitimes, citing its anonymous sources from the upstream supply chain, claims to be in the know.

According to this new report, Microsoft and Nokia have started collaboration to expand the Surface brand. The focus is now shifting squarely on tablets — Redmond wants to aggressively expand its hardware offerings.

Specifics details are pretty vague as of this writing, but word is that Microsoft is looking to use Nokia’s influence in the mobile domain to uplift the Surface brand. This is something that could net some pretty positive results in a number of markets, particularly Europe.

The Old Continent is one place where Nokia enjoys significant standings.

At the same time, Microsoft is also looking at expanding the Surface family with a few new products. Insider sources have indicated that new tablets could be revealed before the end of the year, including a smaller (and affordable) Surface slate.