You have got to hand it out to Microsoft. Just like a certain John Hammond character portrayed brilliantly by Richard Attenborough in the film Jurassic Park, Redmond likes to spare no expense when it comes to promotion of its products.

The Surface, along with Windows 8, launched to some exquisite fanfare late last year.

And with confirmation that the technology titan will be unveiling new Surface models at a NYC event on September 23, we now have reports that Microsoft plans to continue its elaborate marketing spending.

While the company has remained somewhat mum on the technical specifications of its new devices, analysts believe that Microsoft is expected to invest millions of dollars to promote its second generation slates. Better yet, the company is trying to focus on the technical aspects this time around.

Meaning less dancing and other advertisements that show little about the device!

Paul Mueller, a Los Angeles industry analyst in an interview with the Examiner said that the new ads are expected to begin rolling out across North America on September 24, as sales of the tablets are scheduled to begin soon after the slates are publicly unveiled.

Microsoft clearly seems like it does not want to waste time like last year.

And as far as technical specifications go, it is expected that that the second-generation Surface Pro slate will feature an Intel Core i5 Haswell processor, which is likely to be paired with 8 GB of RAM.

The technology titan is also working on a number of new accessories for its tablets, including a two-position kickstand and a new Power Cover that comes with a built-in battery.

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  1. I still say that there was nothing wrong with the overall concept of the “dancing” commercials. The main problem was price. They probably ran their campaigns out of order as well. They should have run the side-by-side commercials with the iPad first. They probably should have run some ads similar to the Bing and Windows 8 ads that showed people actually using the device. But there was a place for the “dancing” commercials. Maybe they should included more info like price and size, or maybe they should have followed the format of commercials that start or end like a regular commercial, and the entertainment portion is like a break from reality. Maybe people could have ditched their iPad or something.

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