So the rumors were true, after all! The last couple of months we have been bombarded with all sorts of leaks and press renders about Nokia Normandy, the company’s first Android phone.

The Finnish mobile giant unveiled the Nokia X at Mobile World Congress 2014 yesterday, and the affordable device is set to soon be available in a number of markets the world over. In fact, they plan to launch three devices — the Nokia X, the Nokia X + and the Nokia XL.

Uncanny naming scheme, but there you have it.

The big question everyone is asking is that just how happy Microsoft is with this effort, now that it is in the final stages of acquiring the devices and services arm of the Finnish telecom giant.

And the answer is that Redmond is, well, pleased.

The reason behind this pleasure is that Nokia has integrated core Microsoft services so deeply in these devices, instead of Google products, while also stripping away the base Android look and feel. Redmond probably had a substantial say in all this.

As Microsoft’s Corporate Vice President, Frank X Shaw states in this blog post that:

“We’re pleased to see Microsoft services like Skype, OneDrive and being introduced on these devices. This provides the opportunity to bring millions of people, particularly in growth markets, into the Microsoft family.”

Nevertheless, towards the end, Shaw reiterates what we all expect — the fact that Microsoft’s primary smartphone strategy centers round Windows Phone, and this mobile operating system will remain the core device platform for developers.

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  1. Oh my God! They make such an ugly Android phone.

  2. This a pretty good phone, well for an Android phone.

  3. Great phone , The Nokia XL . Screen Size , Front Camera and MS services…but still miss the GPlay services

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