Bang on schedule, Redmond has just announced its quarterly revenue results for the fourth quarter of 2013, which makes it the company’s second quarter of fiscal year 2014.

And the numbers are, once again, huge — better than expected huge, while we are at it.

In terms of total revenue, the company generated $24.52 billion, well ahead of the $21.46 billion in revenue from the same period a year ago. Likewise, net income was also up, reaching $6.56 billion from the figures of $6.38 billion in Q2 2013.

Essentially, both revenue and income figures were ahead of expectations from financial analysts.

Break down of the number reveals that revenue from its Devices and Consumer division peaked up 13 percent to $11.91 billion for the quarter. Windows OEM Pro revenue was up 12 percent. Nevertheless, it was offset by what the company labelled “continued softness in the consumer PC market”.

So, what’s new?

Of particularly interest would be the figures from the Surface lineup, and the company has some pretty neat numbers to report here as well. Neat like revenue being up $893 million for the quarter.

Easily more than double compared to $400 million in the previous three-month period.

And since Bing market share is now up to 18.2 percent, according to Microsoft, search advertising revenue went up by no less than 34 percent. While these somewhat consumer oriented businesses pulled in notable numbers, the same can be said of Microsoft’s business solutions.

Commercial revenue overall grew 10 percent, to finish at $12.67 billion for the quarter.

The cloud, SQL Server and System Center businesses witnessed double digit growth, while Office 365 commercial sales and Windows Azure, triple digit — triple digit, folks. But then again, little surprises here, when you consider the sheer momentum Redmond has in these domains.

Microsoft will undoubtedly expand further on these numbers it posted in today’s financial results in its quarterly conference call with analysts at 5:30 PM ET.

In the meantime, you can take a peek at the results posted on Microsoft’s official website here.

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