If you thought there were already enough versions of Windows 10, then this is going to be a fun development. Microsoft seems to be preparing another one.

Called, Windows 10 Enterprise for Remote Sessions, they say, is in development.

It was a couple of months ago that Mary Jo Foley reported that Redmond is planning a new multisession capability for the operating system that would enable admins to provide remote desktop and app access to a small set of users from Windows 10 Enterprise.

This new SKU offers a multiuser, multisession capability with at least 10 concurrent users.

Of course, Microsoft has already offered remote desktop features in the desktop version of Windows, but it has largely only supported a single remote session for remote administration.

Windows 10 Enterprise users will continue to have the ability to run a single Windows 10 machine virtually, however those who want to make apps available remotely to a set of users will soon have the option of going with the new Windows 10 SKU.

Instead of going with Windows Server, that is to say.

This new variant of the OS will reduce dependence on Windows Server, which clearly has a problem with updates when it comes to remote management.

Microsoft is yet to comment on this new Windows 10 edition, but considering this is the era of Windows as a Service, this development is not at all surprising. Its existence, however, was confirmed when the company released the latest Windows 10 Insider Preview ISO images.

With Redstone 5 release set for October, we hopefully hear more about this new version soon.

Windows 10 Enterprise for Remote Sessions.

Remember the name.

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