The Lumia landscape has become a bit lifeless now, with a number of new devices having launched this summer. But the Holiday shopping season is fast approaching.

And so are some new Windows Phone handsets, under the Lumia brand, it seems.

One device is coming to the United States in the coming months, as these documents posted on the FCC website confirm. This new Lumia is currently referred to as RM-1090, though it does not have an official name right now.

It could well be just another dual SIM version of an existing devices, for all we know.

In terms of hardware specifications, they fall mighty close to the recently revealed Lumia 830, including a 5-inch display. AdDuplex even spotted this device in their logs recently, pointing to a 960 x 540 pixels resolution.

The BL-L4A battery is, however, new and has not been used before.

More information is sure to be with us in the next few weeks, including whether this device will also be launched in other markets around the globe. AdDuplex seems to think that Microsoft wants to target the Asian region with new devices, including markets like China and Taiwan.

We’ll find out in due time.

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