Redmond is currently hard at work on the second generation of its Surface tablets, with insider sources having revealed that a launch could take place in October this year, alongside Windows 8.1.

At the same time, however, the technology titan is actively trying to clear out inventories of the first models — particularly the Surface RT — to make room for the refreshed slates.

The company has rolled our several notable discounts and promotional prices for its tablets in the past few months. And now Microsoft seems to be preparing a new price cut, this time for the Touch Cover, in order to sell as many tablets as it can before the second-generation units are out in the wild.

WPCentral notes that starting August 30, every Touch Cover will retail for $79.99, down from the regular price of $119.99. In fact, the report indicates that Microsoft is very likely to make this discount permanent from now on.

This new pricing does not cover the $129.99 limited edition Touch Covers that have special designs.

Plus, there is no word on whether a price cut like this will be announced for the Type Cover as well. This particular accessory also retails for $129.99. But this is, nevertheless, a possibility — keeping in mind how actively Microsoft is trying to stir interest in its tablets ahead of the hardware refresh.

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  1. This is good, and this is where it needs to stay. We’ve spent so much time talking about Microsoft products competing at price point. They need to do the same with accessories. Whatever is the most popular accessory for iPad and Android, Microsoft needs to compete there similar accessories.

  2. To consumer, surface is still a “me too” product. In order for a “me too” product to gain market share, it has to be cheaper than the market leader. Unfortunately, it takes nearly a year for them to realize this.

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