Redmond seems to have finally nailed an extremely annoying problem. Surface Pro 3 WiFi issues have been nagging users for ever since this deluxe tablet launched.

And while there were hints that this problem was fixed this summer.

Not to be.

Anyway, Microsoft released the Update Tuesday patches just recently, and with these came new firmware for Surface 2 tablets. However, the company has promised another separate patch for Surface Pro 3, which will be released in the coming weeks.

The announcement was made on the update history page for the tablet.

Important, because so far all the workaround that Microsoft posted over the past few months failed to fully address the problem. And it’s not like this is a new issue.

Various Surface tablets have had these WiFi connectivity problems, making it nearly impossible for users to browse the web with these slates. And understandably, this is a cause for concern, particularly for people that bought the top of the line Surface Pro 3 that retails for almost $2,000.

All eyes on this critical fix, which hopefully gets here in the next few weeks.

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  1. These WIFI issues have been ongoing since their original Surface was released. No wonder I’ve yet to open mine from it’s original packaging!

    • I am not sure which lie is bigger, yours that you have had an original Surface laying around and you never opened it, or the WIFI fix. Tough call.

  2. Between the patches to date and some messing around I did from suggestions I found around the net, my Surface 3 wi-fi issues have pretty much been fixed. I still have to toggle wi-fi off and on again occasionally but the really aggravating issue, losing the wi-fi AND bluetooth drivers after waking, requiring a reboot, I haven’t had for quite awhile now. It’s a good thing I really like the Surface 3 otherwise and that I’m patient. I was tempted to return it early on but decided to wait it out, figuring MS would eventually resolve it.

  3. I’d apprecate it if MSFT would fix the Wifi connection issues that I continue to have with win8.1 on my Thinkpad Tablet and Asus Vivotab RT. Time and time again I click connect on WiFi access point and it times out and all my visible access points disappear from the Wifi list. Sometimes I have to reboot to connect to my network. Neither of my Laptops or windows phones have this issue.

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