Computex 2014 is in full swing right now, with new hardware being announced left, right and center. Microsoft’s primary bet at the event seems to be the showcase of the Windows Phone platform.

And although there has been little in terms of news from the HTC camp regarding the mobile OS, we have heard some rumors that the Taiwanese company is planning at least one new Windows Phone 8.1 smartphone, if not more.

But if we go by this hint from Redmond during the company’s press conference at Computex, it appears that some big things are in store — in partnership with HTC, that is.

Before we get to that, Microsoft’s VP of OEM partners, Nick Parker took to the stage at the illustrious event to present some new handsets from new partners like Prestigio, InFocus, Yezz, and BLU.

At the end of the event, he was kind enough to answer some questions from the media, dropping a hint that HTC and Microsoft are partnering up once again to create some new Windows Phone smartphones:

“I’d love to break some news here if I could. But instead I’ll just say that Microsoft will continue to have a great relationship with HTC. New things are coming, so get excited.”

Yeah, Nick, we’d loved some breaking news too. Honest.

All we know right now is that HTC is aiming at the midrange smartphone market and gearing up to announce a HTC W8. Even if many are still holding out for the company to release a Windows Phone powered HTC One M8, the company’s impressive new Android flagship.

In any case, an enhanced partnership between HTC and Microsoft would only benefit fans of the Windows Phone platform, and it is good to see something is cooking.

Thoughts, people, if any?

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  • Ray C

    I guess we’ll wait and see

  • Yorker

    Kind of a let down. Wish they had some physical evidence or a substantial announcement to accompany this news. However, I wouldnt mind more HTC/Windows collabs, so overall, I’m pretty happy.

  • Robert Kegel

    I’d still prefer a Nokia Windows phone but HTC makes a nice phone too. Nokia has the apps and nice screen that you can see in the sun and use it with gloves and their camera technology, and great mic and good speakers.

    As long as HTC doesn’t only put a 4MP camera and leave out the second depth camera it could be the second best company for Windows Phone.