Microsoft Promises Transparency, Will Reveal Sales Details From Now On

Redmond, silently it must be said, put into motion a new strategy ever since Windows 8 and the Surface tablets debuted late last year. For the past few months, the company has tried to keep things secret.

The Microsoft of old that loved to talk big numbers started avoiding public talk about how its new products were performing on the market. But it seems that another change is up in the air.

Now the technology titan is looking for a new CEO while going through a major reorganization process, and the company has said that it wants no more secrecy — it will keep the world informed with in depth sales details on its products.

And yes, Surface tablets are high on this new agenda.

WinBeta is reporting that Chris Suh, who is the manager of Microsoft’s investor relations said during the company’s meet up with financial analysts a few days back that the company plans to share more details about the Surface slates, including sales numbers and revenue:

“Starting in Q1 we will report quarterly the revenue derived from our Surface products and related accessories.”

Microsoft is pledging that analysts will be provided with, what it calls ‘key performance indicators’.

These should not only improve the image of the technology titan, but also prevent any lawsuits that may accuse the company of lying about sales of its products — remember this little gem in late August?

The company is ready to unleash its second generation Surface slates later this month. And with sales and retail channels seemingly settled and streamlined after the original tablet, there is a sure chance that these new devices will perform much better than the first generation models.