Microsoft provides details of it's Windows Store

Microsoft provides details of it’s Windows Store

Today,  in San Francisco California, Microsoft revealed more details about it’s upcoming application store.

On hand for the event were Windows President Steven Sinofsky and Windows Web Services VP Antoine Leblond.

Here are some of the more significant highlights:

  • Microsoft will allow developers and vendors to offer free trials of their software.
  • Disney was the first partner mentioned.
  • You will be able to convert your game from a trial version to a paid version seamlessly.
  • The Windows app store is all written in HTML 5 and JavaScript.
  • Applications in the store will be exposed and visible on all major search engines.
  • Internet Explorer 10 will have a linked button to apps in the store.
  • Another mention of the number of PC’s worldwide (1.25 Billion).
  • They are plugging the amount of Windows 7 PC’s (500 million) , much higher than the competition.
  • Picture of the Windows Store in China.
Windows Store China

Windows Store China – Credit AllthingsD

  •  There will be a localized version of the store in all languages supported by Microsoft.
  • The top 40 markets will have local pricing.
  • Developers will be paid in 20 different currencies.
  • Metro apps will have to be sold through the Windows Store, with the exception of enterprise applications.
  • Microsoft will be using a more hands off approach than the Apple and seem to indicate that they will take less for that transactions performed by the store than Apple will. *Stay tuned for more on that *
  • They are demoing apps now.
  • Seems like Microsoft will enable publishers to handle back end subscription using their own custom mechanisms.
    • Not sure if that only applies to large publishers.
    • Not sure what those tools are.
    • The example used here is the Daily Telegraph newspaper
  • Developers will also be free to release ad supported applications.
  • The Windows Store application models so far are
    • Free
    • Paid
    • Ad-supported
    • Subscription
    • Trial to Paid
  • Application Approval – Microsoft are trying to be tempered.
    • They will share QA tools with developers to minimize code errors.
    • Microsoft will offer developers access to stats and reports for their apps including sales etc but also including crash stats and performance statistics.
  • Microsoft will take 30% of developer revenue from the apps. When that application makes over $25,000, the percentage will drop to 20%. That’s curious because its the same as Apple and a sharp contrast to Google who take 5%. Strike One against the Windows Store.
  • The Windows Store will debut in February of 2012 with Windows 8. I guess that date has been confirmed now.
  • The store will start out with free applications and initially, application submissions will be by invite only.
    • This makes sense in order to iron out the bugs and make sure the process is manageable.

That’s all I guess.

I guess we’ll hear a lot more when Windows 8 Beta debuts in February.

Onuora Amobi is the Founder and VP of Digital Marketing at Learn About The Web Inc. Onuora has more than a decade of information security, project management and management consulting experience. He has specialized in the management and deployment of large scale ERP client/server systems. In addition to being a former Microsoft MVP and the founder and editor of, he is the CEO of a Pasadena based online marketing education startup - Learn About The Web Inc. ( and The Redmond Cloud (

  • tekman

    For the PC..Forget about it!!! Why oh Why would anybody run this MOBILE O/S on a computer>>>Nobody who is a serious PCer would touch this O/S…a computer for work isn’t a mobile ANYTHING so I guess I don’t need to talk about what I think personally…I own a cell phone that makes PHONE CALLS and allows messaging…I live in a different type of connected world and this O/S isn’t fit for my HDD.

    I ran the developer preview for 2 months and once the desktop is up (in place of the metro gui) it’s just windows 7…..nothing but more headache and who said the start button isn’t meant to be accessed very often…I pin as many shortcuts to the taskbar as anyone else…but at least when I click on the darned start button…guess what…I get the menu and NOT THE METRO GUNK…that darned thing is maddening!!!!

    It finally pissed me off so much, I formatted the partiton and dumped the thing…ALL OF IT…it isn’t tech friendly without a serious amount of scripting and changes in the registry (A Major HackaThon!)…right out of the box!!!

    NO THANKS…It’s a tough fit for any serious technician who performs daily networking chores on a laptop or pc and certainly not worth it’s weight in server admin, network admin, IDS, IPS, etc…virtual machine…maybe ok…virtual pc…not so hot…vmware…ok but not worth the hassle…

    Not something I would recommend to my customers for anything but a tablet or phone.

    • Robind

      I have to agree with you regarding Windows developer preview, I have been a Pc technician…  for over 24 years and this “New” o/s is a pain in the ass, clients and friends asking how do I get into safe mode, why can’t I select a system restore date, why can’t I update Metro… How do I… yes, I know I can do it but not everyone knows the new WDP and it frustrates them, WDP is NOT user friendly, Windows Explorer, which is used by everyone now looks like MS office, It is confusing and downright annoying, My son (12) Said to me, Dad, I hate it, So He does not want it on his Pc and like him, I will remain using Windows 7 (My Version)
      I know there are tweaks for WDP, I have them and used them, everyone wants the Start button and likes to tweak there o/s, everyone wants it faster and more user friendly… LOL
      Honestly, I don’t see WDP W8 being a success like Windows 7, it will be shelved and people will go back to W7 or Linux…
      As far as I am concerned, don’t even bother loading WDP unless you have a spare pc at home…
      A final note: I you go buy a New computer, ask what o/s is installed, use something that you know, stay away from the new windows.

  • Michael

    I hate greedy pigs, so i will not buy or sell apps through such a ripoff store, even 5% is too much. it is about time MS did something for all their supporters, instead of seeking new ways to milk the last drop of blood out of them. Damn Parasites!

    • Huizhe

       Business is all about profit, and profit is usually all about greed. I don’t understand why people who use contemporary technology, which has cost tera-tons of money and time and human energy and creativity to develop, have such a utopian misunderstanding of what the real world is like. Why do so many end-users (in the sense of “exploiters” and “peculaters”) believe that they deserve to get everything for free? You wouldn’t work for free, I’m sure, unless you were already rich. I sure don’t work for free (I’m not in the computer software or hardware industry). If you don’t like being exploited by greedy pigs, then you’ll have to find a world in which you can meet all your daily needs yourself. Even relying on a primitive barter system will force you to have to deal with greedy pigs. Especially when you’re hopelessly addicted to what they have for sale. Maybe all this Marxist talk about free software means that people are really communists at heart?

      • Michael

        Yep it is all about business, and no I do not expect anything for nothing. 1 dollar per sale would be more than enough, not just to cover costs, but also to make a very tidy profit. And that would allow the people who are doing the real work – the developers – to make a decent profit with out having to up there price structure just to feed a company that is already making zillions.

  • h9k

    its != it’s

  • Rbw7456

    As was said in a movie “We will all meet again in the next installment, the search for more money”. I think it’s time to seriously shift to linux. Screw MS!!!

  • Daniel Gray

    I honestly cannot believe that the two “supposed” tech people are having all this trouble. I have placed this on my small acer notebook and it runs like a dream with no trouble. I have no problem in using the start button or finding the restore function or set a date in same. This works with all my apps including the games and apps that I bought clear back in 1998! Sounds to me like the ones complaining that they hate this, are the same ones that just dont like windows to start with. And that being the case, then what are they here for anyway?