Well, what do you know! Even though Microsoft only released a few updates this time around, there is news that another botched Windows update slipped through.

The culprit is KB2889866, which the company pulled down from the download servers soon after reports that it was causing errors.

Interestingly, this is not a security update or a patch, instead a feature pack aimed at OneDrive for Business. Users received it approximately one day after the rollout of Update Tuesday September 2014 started, and seemingly, this release is causing a couple of different problems.

Microsoft have promised a fix in the coming days:

“We are investigating an issue that is affecting the September 2014 update for Microsoft OneDrive for Business. Therefore, we have removed the update from availability for now. We apologize for any inconvenience that this might cause.”’

This particular feature pack was developed to fix syncing on new libraries, by the way, but it is causing more harm than good. The company has provided full details at the link above.

If you are current updating Windows via the Windows Update option, KB2889866 will not be present in the list of downloads. But if you have installed this release, and are experiencing problems, simply uninstall this update and reboot your computer if required.

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  • Ray C

    Come on MS. We have to get this under control

  • Mike Greenway

    “…instead a feature pack aimed at OneDrive for Business.” I think this is wrong, It isn’t a “feature pack” it is a Bug Fix update. Looks like you Botched another one. Doesn’t feel good when it is directed at you? We all make mistakes, what’s to be gained in degrading those that do. Look at the total lines of code they update in a year and compare it to the total lines with mistakes. They do a great job and deserve respect, as we all do.