While the world is still speculating when (or if) Microsoft will release a Surface Mini, the company has, in the meantime, put up a Surface Giant in London, England.

This is, obviously, part of the advertising campaign for its flagship device. Redmond has just launched its second generation lineup of Surface tablets earlier this week worldwide, and the company is now aiming big when it comes to promotion.

It has created a gigantic, real, and fully working Surface tablet and put it up in Trafalgar Square, London, thereby giving Britons a chance to find out the capabilities of the device in style.

The Verge reports that this colossal Surface slate comes with a massive 383-inch screen, complete with a purple Type Cover 2 that allows visitors to simply jump on its keys to write and control the device. The device is 27 foot (8.2 meters) wide and 17 foot (5.1 meters) high.

Speaking of fully functioning, USB and microHDMI ports are also included on the device.

Microsoft employees are obviously present right next to this monumental piece of technology, and provide bystanders with information on the second generation tablet, while at the same time demonstrating the real Surface Pro 2.

Redmond’s next generation tablets are currently up for grabs in 21 countries around the world, with more markets in the pipeline. And the company just cannot go wrong with promotional efforts like this.

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