As a technology enthusiast you may well be aware that Microsoft has remained pretty much tight-lipped on the sale figures of its latest operating system, Windows 8.

We have heard the figure of 60 million licenses sold in the first two months of release, but nothing since.

All that is probably going to change later this week, as Microsoft is expected to release more information on the sales performance of Windows 8 on Thursday, as part of its quarterly earnings conference call.

Redmond will publish the financial results of the third quarter of the fiscal year 2013.

Windows 8 sales, for the time being remain lukewarm, and market share figures show the new operating system is just hovering around the 3 to 4 percent mark worldwide, depending on who is doing the counting.

But one thing Microsoft would be keen to address is the constant barge of criticism that its new platform has been on the receiving end of for months on end.

Various hardware vendors were the first to jump in the fray and criticized not just the changes introduced with Windows 8, but even Microsoft’s hardware ambitions.

And then at the start of the year, analysts and market watchers made some scathing remarks, blaming the operating system for failing to uplift the PC hardware sales and shipments.

All eyes will then be on what Microsoft brings to the table in the earnings call on the 18th of April. The software titan may even drop some hints for its plans for the future.

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