Microsoft Quietly Files For A Patent For Automatically Quieting Mobile Devices

Microsoft Quietly Files For A Patent For Automatically Quieting Mobile Devices

When it rains, it pours. In true proverbial fashion we now have details of another Redmond patent that the company filed in August, but only became visible to the public just recently.

We already have some specifics on a Microsoft patent for skin sensitive bezels.

Now the details of another new patent from the software titan have floated up that, and it reveals a technology designed to automatically silence a smartphone in certain instances, depending on when and where it is used. Quiet Time is the name of the game here.

The United States Trademark and Patent Office provides a detailed idea of how it works:

“A device quiet service is implemented to initiate a device quiet control that quiets one or more of the other associated devices that are controllable by the mobile device, and the device quiet service initiates communication of the device quiet control to the associated devices.

A device quiet control can be initiated to restrict communication functions of the other associated devices, such as for a designated time duration.”

The patent application explains that such a service could be used to mute a mobile device at specific locations, like schools or movie theaters, even business meetings. Some cinemas, obviously, implement technologies that block WiFi and cellular services on location.

Anyway, this is just a patent filing, not a confirmation that Microsoft is actively working to put such a feature in a future version of Windows Phone. But it could happen, surely it could.

Now only if Microsoft invents a technology that automatically shuts down a mobile phone when people watch a movie — that would spread so much happiness!

  • Mr. Mobile Performance

    This is yet another attempt to grant a patent on an idea that’s not new. I thought novelty is one of the things the patent office is supposed to check for. I think I’ll patent the use of a bridge by Google cars.

    • WillyThePooh

      This problem is caused by the patent office long long time ago. Companies now can only follow the rule of game so that they won’t get sued.