This week was all about the second generation Surface slates, from the usual dose of rumors early on to the unveiling on Monday morning, then some videos, and finally an ad for the tablet.

Which, by the way, you can check out right here β€” it’s a simple, yet sleek video.

But that is only the tip of the iceberg if you ask Microsoft. The company plans an elaborate and ambitious promotional campaign for Surface 2, and has promised to release much catchier ads in the very near future.

As the Surface team explained in a recent AMA session:

β€œOur original ads were meant to drive breakthrough for a new brand. We did hear the feedback and you will see our new campaign shortly – it shows some of the favorite ways our customers use Surface today.

Some people love our ads, and some people really don’t like them. Our new ads will launch shortly and highlight some of the great ways people love to use Surface. We hope you like them!”

Redmond, obviously kicked things off last year with the Surface Movement ad, which while full of dance and music did not really tell a lot about the first generation Surface RT. When that is the first look for most people it is bound to leave some of them almost as confused as intrigued.

But fingers crossed, this new marketing drive is both focused and intensive. Even with their (arguably) high prices, these are some fine, fine devices, and deserve to be showcased just as well.

Speaking of showcases and drives, the company has also announced, on its official Microsoft Store Facebook page that Panos Panay, head of the Surface team is about to start a tour in the United States to demonstrate the Surface 2 in a select few locations.

All these live demos are set to take place October 18, before the company unleashes Windows 8.1, so fire up the link above to check out the dates and locations of this nationwide tour.

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  • Mike Greenway

    This is going to be a fun fall season, new OS, new Computers, tables and a new Xbox.

    • Rodney Longoria

      Yep Mike, and don’t forget what Nokia is bringing to the table next month, too. I just wished I could afford it all. LOL!

      • Mike Greenway

        Me too, had to prioritize, Xbox one first, then I’ll sell my organs to get the rest. πŸ˜‰

  • Ray C

    I really hope they get some celebrity endorsers. Have Justin Timberlake go out and show off his new toy when he is on the Tonight Show for example. Do a commercial like the one for the 5 controller music device, that has Lil Jon in the commercial. Have a popular rapper tweet how much he likes playing around with his service. Put a video on youtube with everyone using them on their bus.