Job postings rarely cease to attract interests, particularly if it is from a software giant known as Microsoft. The Redmond company seems ready to begin work on the next version of its mobile operating system as it gears up to hire a senior Software Design Engineer for the project.

Ashley Zenner from Microsoft gave the heads up on Twitter that the company was looking to hire for the new position with UEFI as a requirement, while adding that this was a confidential project.

You may already know UEFI (Unified Extensible Firmware Interface) as a new type of BIOS that Microsoft has packed inside Windows Phone 8 and now even with devices featuring Windows 8.

While the job appears on Microsoft’s website, it reveals nothing more than the fact that the new Software Design Engineer will help shape the next version of Windows Phone. As the job listing states:

“This is a senior level position for someone who can take on the challenge of working with a strong team of SDETs and leads. Qualified candidates will possess a strong passion for customer focused testing and the ability to analyze and strategize test efforts,” Microsoft notes.

“Candidates should be ready to tackle tough test automation projects involving integrating and synchronizing tests across multiple teams and divisions. Ability to maintain a strong working relationship with everyone and perform consistently at the absolute highest quality standards of work is a must.”

“The role will expose you to multiple subsystems across Windows Phone and requires an ability to ramp to new hardware and software technologies quickly.”

Word on the street is that Microsoft will be working on several enhancements on the next version of Windows Phone — from improvements in startup times, increased screen resolutions and even tighter integration between Windows Phone and Windows 8 in the future.

We will, obviously, learn more details about what the Redmond company has more in store for the future in due time.

But one reason why Microsoft may want to expedite the next version of Windows Phone as the mobile OS is finally starting to gain traction with makers like LG and Asus reportedly interested in launching new Windows Phone devices.

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