The release of Windows 8 and the Surface lineup of tablets towards the end of last year was one of the most important events for Microsoft in recent memory.

And for its part, the Redmond giant spared no expense to promote both products.

With nearly $1.5 billion set aside for marketing, Microsoft made sure everyone got a glimpse of these two new products the company delivered to the market.

Inside word is that Microsoft has already created the first TV commercial for its upcoming tablet, as the device is set to be unveiled at the end of the month, with sales beginning the very next day.

Microsoft has reportedly worked again with the Hollywood directory, by the name of Jon M. Chu for a new Surface Pro ad. Chu, if you recall, was the creator of the main Surface RT commercial.

Panos Panay, the head of the Surface division at Microsoft, dropped an alluring little hint in a recent tweet that a Surface Pro ad could very well be incoming just before launch.

“This was a lot of fun @jonmchu. May be should do it again.”

Not to be left behind, the good old vanilla Surface RT is also getting back in the spotlight.

In fact, it is going to the Sundance Film Festival. According to Neowin, Microsoft is one of the sponsors for the illustrious event, and the company is using the occasion to show two of its latest products — the Surface RT and Windows 8.

The marketing blitz continues full steam ahead, folks.

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