Another busy month for Windows in terms of updates. Microsoft started to push out the updates for November 2014 late last night, and they are now flying off the servers.

A detailed summary of the patches is listed here.

This Update Tuesday brings along 14 security updates for various Microsoft software, four of which are rated Critical, nine are Important, while the remaining two are listed as Moderate. So a pretty mixed bag in terms of their significance.

You may be wondering what happened to the 16 updates that Redmond promised — well, it so happens that two of these updates have been delayed and are set for launch at a later date.

Various versions of Windows are up for a refresh, as are a number of Internet Explorer builds. Office also gets a look, and so does the .NET Framework.

The company has also tightened up some issues in solutions like Internet Information Services (IIS), Remote Desktop Protocol (RDP), Active Directory Federation Services (ADFS), Input Method Editor (IME), and the Kernel Mode Driver (KMD).

As discussed last week, some of the more high-profile fixes are reserved for Windows, with OLE vulnerabilities that could allow remote code execution getting a look.

Various versions of the operating system, from Windows Server 2003 to Windows Vista, Windows 7 and even Windows RT are in line for checkup.

Many of these updates require a system restate, so make sure you save your work and plan accordingly before deploying them. As is usually the case, they are available to download via the integrated Windows Update feature of your Windows installation.

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