The new tablet is in on the action, as are some older generation Surface units. The new firmware release is part of the company’s Update Tuesday cycle for August 2014.

Surface RT, Surface Pro and the Surface Pro 3 are the three slates that are in line for these new updates, as there are no such refreshes for either the Surface 2 or the Surface Pro 2 this month.

You can check out the Update History page for the Surface Pro 3 for the full details, which include improved support for the Surface Power Cover, Microsoft LifeCam Front improvements, enhanced Surface Ethernet Adapter support, and overall system stability upgrades.

But the original slates get some welcome new stability improvements.

The Surface RT UEFI (v3.31.500), for example, enhances overall system stability and users are reporting some notably snappier performance when using the device.

The Surface Pro gets improved network connection stability thanks to the Wireless Network Controller and Bluetooth (v14.69.24054.176), and functionality on WiFi networks that use a hidden SSID can also now be enabled.

Nice to see Microsoft focusing on these enhancements for the original generation devices.

At the same time, the company recently promised to look into the Surface Pro 3 overheating problems, with a number of users reporting the new tablet gets very hot, even when running simple software like a web browser, for instance.

Hopefully, these issues are fixed with this newest round of firmware updates.

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  • Kelsy Martin

    Anyone have a surface pro 3 that can discuss their experience before and after the update? It seems like the early feedback is the sp3 is good, but has a lot of issues early on.