Good things come in bundles. Microsoft took its sweet time, but has landed on as simple, yet highly effective, concept of pitching its Surface RT to the current tablet leader, the Apple iPad.

This time another such iPad versus Windows tablet commercial has landed on YouTube, and this one has Microsoft comparing Apple’s flagship tablet to the Surface RT.

Just like before, the commercial runs down the feature comparisons between both slates — everything from the kickstand to the Touch Cover, the inclusion of Microsoft Office, true multitasking and direct support for USB.

The commercial caps things off with a price comparison where the Surface RT undercuts the fourth generation 16GB iPad.

You can watch the video below:

The commercial clocks in at 1 minute 21 seconds — an indication that this may not be headed to the television. TV ads usually come in at 15, 30, 60 or 90 seconds. But it is more than enough to engage the online audience, which is more than what could be said for the original Surface RT video commercials.

Microsoft has been putting up a good show with these commercials, but these are the type of ads that should have been airing at the launch of the Surface slates.

And while Apple iPad continues to outsell the Surface RT by a downright humongous margin, but marketing like this should help with branding as Redmond prepares to unleash the second generation Surface RT tablets later this year.

What’s your verdict for this new ad? Share your thoughts in the comments.

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  • Emmanuel Mac Donald

    I like it. it doesn’t have a negative undertone. And its light and fluffy. Just gently shows why it might be better.

    • Fahad Ali

      Agreed. The tone is the important bit, and the marketing department of Microsoft got it perfectly.

  • Ray C

    I think anyone who can’t see the benefit of a Surface RT is just being bias. You can do everything and maybe a little more with your Surface that you do with iPad. I do think they should run some type of temporary promotion where the keypad cover comes free. It’s good they dropped the price. Minus the cover, it never should have been more than the iPad to begin with. Many say they won’t buy a Surface until it’s under 300, but I have yet to see any of them justify the purchase of an iPad that costs more. I’m not sure trying to fun Office is the best option either. It’s nice to say thy have something the iPad doesn’t, but maybe the best option is an office document app like the one for Android phones.But seriously, they need products at three different price levels, starting with a cheap and basic Surface. Even without every feature of Windows 8, it can still do a little more than the other tablets just because it’s PC based.

  • Charles V Brown Jr

    For content consumption, RT would be a Great iPad replacement (especially at the new $349 price) if not for the lack of equivalent Metro Apps — but RT is not a year old yet, so there is hope!!!