Today is Patch Tuesday for the month of August. And the world is waiting for news on the latest batch of software updates for Windows, Internet Explorer, Office and other products.

But before that, we have news of the latest firmware updates that Microsoft has released for both the Surface RT and the Surface Pro. And in case you are wondering, these automatic updates are part of the company’s Patch Tuesday event.

The Surface RT update history page states that the tablet has received a UEFI firmware update that is designed to improve the audio of the slate when it is set at low volume levels.

Audio issues with the Windows RT tablet were reported a couple of months back.

Microsoft has also bundled a fix for what it calls “perceived pulsing” in the audio volume when the tablet is running certain types of content. This new update also improves the system drivers of the slate to enhance both stability and reliability.

The change notes for the Surface Pro are rather casual in tone. Microsoft says that this latest firmware release target both the UEFI and System Aggregator firmware. No details are provided, other than the fact that these fixes improve the stability and reliability of the system.

These new updates also optimize and reduce the power consumption of the tablet. Again, no specifics have been provided. This update also comes with touch latency improvements when the Surface Pro is used with the Type or Touch Coves.

Do keep in mind that these updates are meant only for Windows 8 — if you have upgraded to Windows 8.1 Preview or Windows RT 8.1 Preview, then you will have to wait for when Microsoft releases custom updates for these two preview versions of its upcoming operating systems.

Surface owners that are using either Windows 8 or Windows RT, however, can get down to the business of downloading these newest patches.

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