Owners of the second generation Surface models now have access to new updates that take care of a few of the reported bugs and bring a few enhancements to their devices.

Part of Microsoft’s Patch Tuesday update cycle, these firmware updates are listed as “System Firmware Update – 6/10/2014” in the update history. And these are exclusive to the second generation slates this time around, both the original Surface RT, Surface Pro and Surface Pro 3 are not on the list.

Surface 2 gets system stability improvements, particularly when booting and rebooting, along with an increase in battery life when the tablet is not in use.

An audio update enhances the overall system stability while reducing power consumption.

The Surface Pro 2, on the other hand, is in line to receive stability improvements with microSD card products, reliability updates between sleep state transitions and support for PXE boot with the new Surface Ethernet adaptor.

The updates are available for manual download here, and are set to be automatically pushed out via Windows Update in due time, as is usually the case.

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