As part of their efforts to communicate with users leading up to BUILD and a possible release of a BETA, Microsoft have started a new Windows 8 development blog.

The purpose of this blog is to explain to its community (developers, end-users, etc) what it is going on with Windows 8 development.

From Steven Sinofsky:

We know people who care a lot about networking want to know our plans there.

We know people who are invested heavily in storage want to know what is new in that area.

Many want to know about performance and fundamentals.

We know developers, IT pros, and gamers all want to know what’s new for them.

There is so much packed into Windows 8 and there are so many unique and important lenses through which to view Windows 8, and so we want to be sure to take the time to cover as many of these topics as possible, to build up a shared understanding of why we’ve taken Windows where we have.

So in the next weeks we will just start talking specifics of features, since there is no obvious place to start given the varying perspectives. From fundamentals, to user interface, to hardware support, and more, if something is important to you, we promise we’ll get to it in some form or another.


Our intent with this pre-release blog is to make sure that we have a reasonable degree of confidence in what we talk about, before we talk about it.

Our top priority is the responsibility we feel to our customers and partners, to make sure we’re not stressing priorities, churning resource allocations, or causing strategic confusion among the tens of thousands of you who care deeply and have much invested in the evolution of Windows.

Rather than generating traffic or building excitement, this blog is here to provide a two-way dialog about the complexities and tradeoffs of product development.

I have to say I applaud this step!

It’s important to have communication (or the appearance of communication). It lets out some steam from the pressure cooker.

I’ll continue to bring you Windows 8 news and updates as they come.

The URL for this new Windows 8 development blog is

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