The final push, the most final of pushes. Redmond is currently busy convincing as many users as it can to let go of Windows XP and upgrade to a newer version of the operating system.

With April 8 fast approaching, mere weeks remain for the old OS to reach end of support status.

Over the past year or so, the company has launched several different campaigns to convince users to move to a newer, more secure flavor of Windows. And now the company has rolled out a brilliant new Infographic that shows why Windows XP needs to be retired.

The Infographic can be found here (PDF link), and sheds light on how Windows XP will soon become a very vulnerable operating platform, without any patches and security updates released for it:

“Using an operating system over a decade old can make for slower performance, decreased efficiency, reduced software compatibility and a poor user experience compared to a modern operating system. Without support, some businesses such as those in the financial or public sector, may struggle to remain compliant if they continue to use Windows XP.”

Interestingly, Microsoft does not recommend Windows 8.1 here.

The modern OS is not shown as the only alternative for the old platform, and Microsoft makes it clear that Windows 7 is also a good (and very capable) choice for those that are still running Windows XP.

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  1. Emily Williams / March 13, 2014 at 10:59 am /Reply

    It is funny they are making it clear that Windows 7 is an alternative. I guess it makes sense in a way so they can make users pay for another upgrade when Windows 7 becomes obsolete. I’m not that cynical, I swear. 😛

  2. Boy oh boy, Microsoft really wants to steer people away from XP! I get if from a business sense and I think it’s time, but I hope they don’t upset people with this.

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