Microsoft Releases Official Workarounds For Windows 8.1 Mouse Lag Issues

Though by and large, Windows 8.1 has been a neat, bug free release, users have nevertheless reported a bunch of issues that affect the latest operating system to come out from Redmond.

And the most significant of these problems has been the mouse lag issue present in the new OS that pretty much wrecks gaming — several titles large and small are said to be affected by this particular bug. The problem was confirmed by people that upgraded to Windows 8.1 late last month.

Anyway, Microsoft has finally decided to provide more details on this issue, along with confirmation that a fix is currently being developed:

“While we don’t have a date yet for the release of a fix, we are working to get these issues resolved as quickly as possible. The ‘mouse lag’ issue is actually several different issues that could vary based on the game, input methods used, etc.”

Microsoft also notes that the problem occurs because Windows 8.1 handles the mouse status differently in games. The company labels these as mouse jitters — the mouse cursor jumping back and forward when a player moves through a game.

But the issue may also be with certain games, and not the operating system:

“If the game supports raw input from the mouse, enabling it may solve the issue.”

Redmond has also provided a few workarounds for some of these scenarios, including the fix of opening the ‘Properties’ settings of each process and then checking the ‘Disable display scaling on high DPI settings’ option in the ‘Compatibility’ tab.

And obviously switching the process compatibility to Windows 8 may also help until an official patch is released in the coming weeks. Do check out the link above in case you are encountering these problems.