Microsoft Releases OneNote For Kindle Fire Tablets

Microsoft Releases OneNote For Kindle Fire Tablets

OneNote has been made available for a wide range of platforms, from Windows to Mac, iOS to Android, Windows Phone, even Chrome OS. But one name missing from the list is Kindle.

Microsoft missed a beat in releasing a version for Amazon’s tablet lineup.

But that changes from now on — the service has been ported to the popular line of tablets, including the latest Kindle Fire HDX models. In fact, the app can now be downloaded and installed on all sorts of Android phone and tablets, devices that run version 4.0 or above of the mobile operating system.

This should delight fans of the green robot that own devices that run an outdated flavor of Android.

The app is, obviously, free to download, and can be grabbed from here on the Amazon App Store. Expect the popular application to climb a few charts in the coming weeks.

  • terry10

    Nice. I use onenote on a daily basis. I think I speak for the majority when I say this is one of the best applications Microsoft has ever come up with. Brilliantly simple.

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