Microsoft Releases The Windows 8.1 Product Guide, Download It Here

Redmond has done a pretty neat job when it comes to helping users of its newest operating system come to grips with the various changes that are part of Windows 8.1.

The company already released a free product guide for the preview version of the OS, four months back.

And since the new OS touches upon and enhances almost all areas of the core Windows 8, Microsoft has also bundled in a dedicated help center app in Windows 8.1. This handy little Modern application serves as a bit of a tutorial that helps users get around and learn the basics.

But once again, in order to lend a hand to beginners that are looking for more information on certain features, the company has just rolled out the official Windows 8.1 Product Guide.

Here is what Redmond says about the new product guide:

β€œThe Windows 8.1 Product Guide gives you an in-depth tour through the many new and improved features in Windows 8.1 and Windows RT 8.1. It also includes a glossary of touch-based gestures and walks you through popular usage scenarios so you can see how Windows helps you have more fun and get more done.”

This is basically a PDF document that contains information of many of the features (and new options) that are part of Windows 8.1 and Windows RT 8.1. It can be easily opened and read in Windows 8.1 with the built in PDF viewer that is available on both the desktop and tablet flavors of the OS.

Offered for free, obviously, you can download the file from here.

  • Mike Greenway


  • Ray C