Microsoft Remote Desktop Apps Quickly Reach 1 Million Downloads

Microsoft Remote Desktop Apps Quickly Reach 1 Million Downloads

Microsoft gave the technology world a pleasant surprise a couple of week back by releasing cross platform versions of its Remote Desktop apps on the Android, iOS and Mac platforms.

And now the company is back with even more startling news that the free apps have raked up more than 1 million downloads. The apps were released for these three aforementioned platforms around the time Windows 8.1 and Windows Server 2012 R2 made their debuts.

In a short blog post, the company confirmed the milestone:

“As of this morning, after just a few days of availability, the Remote Desktop app has been downloaded, 1 million times! Downloads have been steadily growing, and this is now the fastest growing Android app from Microsoft, ever.”

For the uninitiated, these apps let users access a Windows machine remotely — in the current case using an Android and iOS tablet or smartphone, or a Mac computer. Microsoft Remote Desktop connects to a remote PC and provides the full Windows interface on screen.

These are obviously astonishing numbers, and show that for many people their mobile devices or even OS X was insufficient, and they needed the power and flexibility of a Windows environment.

Redmond has also promised a Windows Phone version of the app. It is currently in development and should be ready for action in the coming months.