One more Microsoft renaming job. This one makes a fair bit of sense, though. Although Patch Tuesday was by no means an official name, the company used it for years upon years.

In fact, this update cycle celebrated its tenth anniversary this past October.

But a decade down the road, we are to get a new name, starting this upcoming release on August 12. Redmond is not only changing the name, but also switching to a new approach — one that brings new features and improvements, not just bug fixes.

In a recent blog post, a few days back, the company referred to this upcoming set of monthly updates simply as “Update Tuesday”. This is what was said:

“Rather than waiting for months and bundling together a bunch of improvements into a larger update as we did for the Windows 8.1 Update, customers can expect that we’ll use our already existing monthly update process to deliver more frequent improvements along with the security updates normally provided as part of Update Tuesday.”

Now, while the statement does not make it clear whether Microsoft will introduce new enhancement for Windows every month, but we can at least expect plenty of security fixes.

Plus, this aligns with Redmond’s strategy of a faster cadence for the Windows operating system.

So long then, Windows Updates, and thanks for the memories. The technology world now looks forward to Update Tuesday, and what it will bring the second Tuesday of every month.

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  2. So the “August Update” make sense after all. I once met a guy named P Legrott that was always critical of MS names, his egomania eventually drove him to call his followers names. An overemphasis on names can cause an insanity of sorts, a confusion between a sound (the word) and reality, the thing itself.

  3. I like the change

    • Emily Williams / August 8, 2014 at 12:23 pm /Reply

      I agree Ray. Patch makes it seem like a band-aid and update makes it sound like an enhancement. Definitely a better name now!

  4. I like the change too, but think it should have been Tuesday Updates

    • Interesting. Didn’t think of that, but tuesday updates does make it sound like a more frequent occurrence than update tuesday. You may be on to something

  5. Spent over 2 hrs this AM on a customers, Windows 8.0 and no way would it update to 8.1, and I thought I knew every trick ( to get it). Store shows it for him, but M$ removed the KBs needed to allow Store to upgrade… This Patch is starting to become PURE HORSE CRAP. I have 8.1up1 here and not up2 (yet) still on 17085.

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