Microsoft Is Not Renaming Real Madrid’s Stadium After All

A regular bit of rumor quashing never hurt anybody. And while technology rumors have a fair enough tendency to hold true, some speculations occasionally need to be cut down to size.

María Garaña, the president of Microsoft operations in Spain has done just this.

Recently some rumors popped up suggesting that that Redmond was in talks with Real Madrid, the popular Spanish football club on a deal that would include the naming rights for the Santiago Bernabeu stadium. It now appears that some of this was greatly exaggerated.

In an interview with Inside Spanish Football, Garaña confirmed that Redmond held talks, but the company was not overly interested in such a deal — the collaboration with Real Madrid included technology and innovation, not the naming rights for the stadium.

Microsoft, obviously, already has a history of collaboration with Ream Madrid, particularly pertaining to charity efforts around the globe.

Nevertheless, the company may actually use the football club for the launch of Xbox One this month, without trying to rename the stadium, of course.

The Spanish club is right now in the process of expanding the maximum capacity of its stadium, from the highs of 85,000 to a full 90,000 seats. The club president confirmed last month that Real Madrid was willing to sell the naming rights to a stadium that was ready to part with €400 million — $540 million.