The Xbox has, for such a long time, been the primary emphasis at Redmond that it allowed competitors to sneak right in and deliver not just innovation but winning user loyalty too.

Valve’s Steam platform, for instance, is said to account for some 50 to 70 percent of the PC gaming market. Obviously, having this much of a sway can ultimately hurt Microsoft in more areas than one, particularly now that Valve has been pitching Linux based machines to gamers.

Enough was enough for Microsoft, and the company recently told an audience at the Games Developer Conference in San Francisco that it plans to renew focus on PC gaming.

Phil Spencer, the head of Microsoft Studios reportedly praised the SteamOS plans and admitted that Valve has focused more on the business than Redmond, with great success. But a change is in order:

“A renewed focus on Windows and PC gaming inside Microsoft is definitely happening. You will see more focus from us — not to go compete with what Valve has done, but because we also understand as the platform holder it’s important for us to invest in the platform in a real way. We’re fundamentally committed to that.”

The senior executive did not actually offer any details on these plans, maintaining that Microsoft will reveal a lot more about its PC gaming efforts in the coming months. Summer, actually.

Coincidentally, the Games for Windows Live service is rumored to be shutting down July 1. Developers have ben removing integration from their games at breakneck speed and transitioning over to Steam. Spencer also confirmed that Microsoft will also reveal the fate of this online service soon.

With video games being one the most important spheres of computing technology, this increased attention on PC gaming from Microsoft could not have come soon enough.

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  1. What game is that graphic from? It looks familiar, but I can’t seem to recall what it is. It looks great and this is awesome news for computer gamers!

    • It looks like Sims, but I don’t think it is. I’m also curious what it’s from, because it definitely looks like a game I would want to play. I’m happy with this news!

  2. I don’t really enjoy video game consoles, but I love computer games, so this is awesome news for me! I cant wait to see what Microsoft has in store for PC gamers.

  3. Bill Franklin / March 24, 2014 at 3:24 pm /Reply

    Great news for PC gamers, but as an Xbox One owner, I must say I’m concerned they may shift too much focus away from that big console. I hope not, but I need to be proven wrong first.

  4. Game probably occupied 50% of my computing time. So focus on game is a smart move. But a lot of successful games in iPad and Android suggest that you don’t need complicated games to succeed. The best games are the games that are simple to start and get more challenging after about half. Also, please don’t develop a game that has too many levels that it is nearly impossible to complete.

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