Another brand new day, another brand new acquisition rumors. The shopping season is in full flow right now and the latest is that Microsoft is reported in buying a number of popular online companies.

Prime among them is the Internet radio company, Pandora.

Although we have little in way of official confirmation, but this report reveals that the value of Pandora stocks have upped by 4 percent recently, all thanks to the talk that Redmond is interested in acquiring the company.

This speculation comes hot on the heels of the news that Microsoft is in talks to purchase Dailymotion, one of the more popular video sharing websites.

At the end of day the Pandora bit is surprising in the sense that Redmond has invested millions on its own Xbox Music service. Then again, this acquisition comes with the added benefit of using some of the technologies of a direct rival, while at the same time attracting a larger user base.

The CEO of Pandora, however, may ring a bell for some.

Brian McAndrews was at the helm of the advertising firm aQuantive back in 2007 when Microsoft snapped it up for $6.3 billion — an acquisition that proved to be overly disappointing in the end.

Still, we should hear more on this new rumor in the coming days if there is some truth in it.

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  1. If it happens, they will let Pandora run largely independently like they do Skype. Speaking of Skype, I wouldn’t be surprised if Tony Bates is behind these acquistion / partnership talks based on his new role at Microsoft.

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