Microsoft Reportedly Looking To Acquire Music Streaming Service Deezer

Licensing and all that legal mumbo jumbo is deep stuff when it comes to digital services. While selling software and apps across the globe is comparatively straightforward, books, movies and music have that extra bit of baggage.

Anyway, one big name in music streaming is Deezer — a French startup that is available in 180 countries and currently has around 5 million users. The service is available on multiple platforms, including Windows 8 and is well set to continue its growth trajectory.

The company recently announced plans to launch its music streaming service in the United States, and with the news of this expansion surfaced rumors that Microsoft is in talks to acquire the company.

Word is that Microsoft could snap up the company and with that improve its existing streaming service, Xbox Music. An acquisition like this would help Redmond in the very crowded music streaming market, with competitors like Pandora, Spotify and Rdio — all of which have a strong US footing.

Both companies are said to be in early negotiations stage, and Microsoft is interested in the deal.

Considering another rumor earlier today suggested that Redmond was also in talks with AOL to acquire Winamp (and with it, Shoutcast), it appears clear that the technology titan is aggressively looking to expand its music streaming offering to more markets and platforms.

  • Ray C

    That’s cool. I’m hoping this is a Pandora type company they’re getting. If not, they need to