Yahoo Microsoft

Yahoo Microsoft

OK Microsoft, things have been going well. Don’t screw it up now.

There are reports that private-equity firm Silver Lake Partners is working with one of its investors, the Canada Pension Plan Investment Board, and Microsoft Corp. to put together a proposal to buy Yahoo Inc., people familiar with the matter said.

Under the proposal being discussed, Microsoft would put up several billion dollars of funding, with additional financing being arranged by banks.

There has been talk about this before but my questions is.. why?

What in the heck does Yahoo add to Microsoft at this point?

What do you think? Take the poll below…


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In addition to being a former Microsoft MVP and the founder and editor of, he is the CEO of a Pasadena based online marketing education startup - Learn About The Web Inc. ( and The Redmond Cloud (

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  1. whats so good about yahoo that microsoft wants to buy it?
    btw i actually think microsft should not buy yahoo.

  2. Would be a good thing since bing really needs help!

  3. i dnt see ant reason for microsoft to buy yahooo, though they might have their own reasons.

    yahoo is different and microsoft is different. and wht does yahoo have that microsoft doesnt have?

  4. When is Microsoft going to stop trying to assimilate the world? Microsoft would like to bury Droid, VMware, Linux, and anything else that represents competent ion, or innovation that is not Microsoft. Enough!!!! You can’t own everything and everyone.

  5. I think it is a great oppurtunity for microsoft to do some horizontal integration

  6. If Bill Gates and his associates are so interested in becoming a web provider, he should take into account that for years he has been easy meat for those wishing to break into his systems and he might just as well start from scratch with his own web and server system.

    Someone should buy microsoft and put an end to all the needless complete replacement programmes introduced by geeks for geeks with bottomless pockets.
    No small wonder they are afraid of pirating. and also the free alternative of Open Office with individual suit the needs as required

  7. MS should stick to there core business of developing OS’s and become the very best in that instead of spreading themselves so far and wide they become average at every thing.

    Just my two cents>

  8. I just don’t see the attraction or value here. Am I missing something that the VC folks and MS advisers see? It just can’t be the valuation Yahoo is about $20B, it’s EPS. 88 and PE is 18.34
    Maybe it’s the old adage that Microsoft has money burning a hole in their pocket, sure is a strange play.

    DC Miller

  9. i’m not agree thant one company or one name control everything that surrounds them…the thing it is not healthy….

  10. They don’t need it. Its a waste of money. The only thing they could use is Yahoo’s mail messenger software and improve Hotmail which has a simply horrible interface.

  11. If it improves Yahoo then fine. we live on hopes. James Emery

  12. sounds goodto me

  13. we need to have some new faces

  14. Perhaps Gmail ūüôā

  15. Can you say Monopoly and what is next.Microsoft all ready has that with Xbox,as in Cod Xbox gets maps first weeks in advance the then all other platforms next.Why not just have  one car maker.You see what is going to happen,They are going to have way too much controll and they got to get back there money some how{US}.

  16. we need to have some new faces  some one not Mr Microsoft

  17. You always do what you can, politics.

  18. I think microsoft will eventually run all the other OS systems and gameing companies until there the only company (maybe 1 other) to sell computing and gaming products. I might start Yahoo more if Microsoft buys it.

    • Thats monopoly. The US doesn’t allow that. Thats wht AT&T¬†is still¬†buying T-Mobile. It takes alot of time and money for it to go through congress

  19. NNNNNNNNOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!… They are going to turn into BING!!!

    HELP!!!… At least we will still have Google!!!… ūüėČ

  20. Yes Yes Yes !!!!
    I love Windows and I love Yahoo!
    Please be together …….!

  21. The magic carpet and 40 thieves may steal the show

  22. YYYYYAAAAAAHHHHOOOOO for Microsoft. they are both great.

  23. No way. Get the hands out from Yahoo!!! 

  24. anything, yes anything is better than facebook and twitter

  25. The reason why they are buying Yahoo is because Microsoft has a contract with them for Advertising and Bing. The need to ensure this stays after the contract is ended. What better way than to buy the company and ensure more market share in the search world? I think it’s brilliant for Microsoft to do.

  26. Hi, anything that american job growth. Lord knows is’t not the¬† congress all they can do spend tax payer money.¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†

  27. Lets get with the times and advance into the future, think beyond the box

  28. enough is enough, what happened to free enterprise? I think microsoft  needs to leave the competition alone and concentrate on what they do best, is what????

  29. are   they  trying  to make   money   from us   if   we have  to pay  what  has  helped   net  going  for   so long   i an sure  they  will lose  out   cannot  take  from poor  more  ..if   it is fat cats  money  maker  they  will lose   out

  30. I think that is great!



  33. I think it’s a great idea. Microsoft and Yahoo! compliment each other very well. This purchase, along with the new contract with Mozilla for the Bing version of Firefox, Microsoft should be setting itself up to compete very well with Google.

  34. mannnn forget this….go for the top notch…go for google microsoft !!!!!! lol do it do it forget yahoo

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