Though there may be some contrasting views on the effectiveness of such technology exhibitions, what with the rise of multimedia content on the Internet, CES still holds a special place.

The 2014 edition of the Consumer Electronics Show is set for January in Las Vegas.

Microsoft has traditionally had a very strong presence at CES, with both Bill Gates and Steve Ballmer delivering keynotes over the years, and the company showcasing its latest products. But Redmond made a bit of a surprise decision of skipping the massive exhibition altogether this year.

Announcing its decision, the technology titan stated that its product news milestones did not align with the show’s January timing.

But word is that the company will make a formal return for the 2014 edition of CES, and this change may have a fair bit to do to Microsoft’s hardware plans.

BBC is reporting Gary Shapiro, the president of the Consumer Electronics Association trade group as saying that Microsoft is taking out significant space in meeting rooms. In fact, he went on to say that it is the largest presence the company has ever had at the event:

“You know, we had one little blip this year… but now we’re happy to have them back with a physical presence.”

Microsoft is yet to comment on these statements.

Still, considering what Redmond has in store for early next year — Surface Mini and Windows Phone Blue being of particular note — an inspiring appearance at CES 2014 cannot be discounted. We should have more on this as we approach the event.

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