With the cat pretty much out of the bag, several sources are now reporting openly about exactly what sorts of changes Windows Threshold will bring around when it takes flight.

There is already talk about the inclusion of a brand new Start Menu.

Regular Microsoft watcher Mary Jo Foley has also chimed in, claiming that Microsoft actually plans to launch three different versions of Windows Threshold — each with a different and unique purpose.

There is obviously the consumer build that will be quite similar to the existing Windows 8.1 lineup, but with a number of notable changes. This will be the core version of Windows Threshold, one that will be aimed at devices of all form factors, from smartphones to tablets, phablets and even the PC.

Next up, is what the company believes to be the traditional consumer flavor.

You know, the one that would be specifically designed for the desktop PC market. This will be similar to the other versions of Windows prior to Windows 8. So in a way, a return to the roots, of sorts.

And finally, there is going to be an enterprise version of Windows Threshold that will be aimed at businesses. This variant will include features designed for professional and business usage, like group policies, device management and more.

The mention of Windows RT, as you can see is missing from the lineup. Microsoft has already hinted this version could, in the near future, be merged with Windows Phone, so there’s that to consider.

As for release date, most sources point to a launch in early 2015, but a late 2014 showing could also be on the table. In other words, not discounted.

It will all come down to how the development comes along.

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  • xinu

    Now this would make sense. Hopefully Microsoft also name these different versions so that consumers dont get as easily confused as they currently get with Windows and Windows RT. Something like Windows X, Windows X Mobile (merger of RT and Phone) and Windows X Professional (X insert next version number/ name).

    • Fahad Ali