Microsoft Reportedly Preparing A Surface 2 And Nokia Lumia 520 Bundle

Boy, it surely is a good time to be a Microsoft fan! The company already has a few sweet handsets powered by Windows Phone 8 out in the wild, and they are set to be joined by the impressive second generation Surface slates.

And in order to make sure that the tablets hit the ground running once they are launched next week, Redmond is preparing some special bundles in certain parts of the world.

This, obviously, is not the first time we have heard something along these lines. It has been speculated that the company will launch promotions like these in select countries.

And now a Twitter user that goes by the name of @dovellonsky has posted a picture of what clearly appears to be a Surface 2 and Nokia Lumia 520 bundle that is set to go live in Italy.

As can be seen from the image above, Microsoft is gearing up to sell the two devices together for only €439 ($595). The Surface slate alone is available separately at €438 ($593), making this quite a handy discount if the image is legit.

A difference of €1 gets you the smartphone, and it goes without saying this is what a lot of user may choose, if given a choice. This particular campaign is expected to get underway on October 18, when Microsoft officially unveils its shiny new Windows 8.1.

Whether something similar is planned for other markets across the globe remains to be seen. But if Redmond can manage something along these lines, it is sure to have a hit on its hand.

  • Ray C

    I could do this bundle. I just hope this is something that is either long term or that comes back. I don’t think I would get a Surface now, but down the line I eventually want a Surface and an Xb-One. Have to set the money aside though

  • gerry rivers

    I want to see this tablet succeed. I would buy the pro if it had a cheaper price. I would go all in with Microsoft if they just had the right pricing and power of the laptop in their surface