• Bjorn Radtke

    Learn to read dude before copy/pasting an article and commeting on it. Your arugments #1 and #5 make no sense if you would have read point #3 from the Windows Blog you pasted from.

    As for the logo – I will agree it is bland as hell.

    • http://www.windows8update.com/ Onuora Amobi

      Yeah — you have a point — if that logo changes color it will look way more inspiring — Why didn’t I see that before? I have seen the light! You’ve made me change my mind! All is well with the world..


      • juli

        Seems MS is going the way of Hollywood.  Nothing new… just remakes..

  • Jan

    I like it. An it can be personalized by yout background

  • Tswanson

    I don’t think it is TERRIBLE but it is bland to say the least!

  • darkpr0fit

    OK who at Microsoft designed this piece of crap? What a let down!!!! Which goes to prove that MS has no problems copying just problems creating.

  • http://www.JVE.biz/ Rug Ratz

    Maybe the marketing director lost a bet with the advertising team?  Expecting a follow-up PR notice saying “Gotcha! We were just kidding … that guy no longer works at Microsoft” or “we regret to inform you we were hacked by iranian out-of-work nuclear scientists on an apple jihad …”  Yeah, that logo lacks … just about everything.  I’d expect that example from my son doing a last minute exercise for his high-school graphics class … scratch that, he could still do better.

  • Lenaki

    I think it looks modern and simple, but might be improved with a bit more colour, but in general I like it, makes a fresh change

  • Rambomario

    agreeing it is so bland , it does not say much for the operating system if i were a noob and put it on my computer and the first thing i seen was this logo i would be thinking that windows 8 was going to be just as boring and doll. come on get some colour into it and awsome graffics make it inspirering make it say keep me buy me use me. with technoligy being what it is today with awsome graffics and great displays on computers why cant microsoft step up too

  • ramonf77

    I’ve seen the startup screen for Windows 8 (which I guess is supposed to run on a tablet). This logo looks just as bad. And as such, I guess that makes it a good logo.


  • rp01river

    Hmmmm ! Testing the Pre Market favor

  • Kmulliger

    Here’s a thought, Onoura…why not hold a contest to see what ideas we, as consumers, might have regarding the image and portrayal of Windows 8 and the direction or vision that Microsoft should want for Winfows 8 as a brand going forward? Maybe offer up a small prize or just give someone recognition and bragging rights that his/her design SHOULD be what Microsoft chose instead of the uninspiring piece of work they chose.

  • Dcrich0893

    And MS can’t figure out just why they are losing their so-called custy-base to Linux……go figure 😉

    • Michael_jp_spence

      No one who wants power uses Linux – that’s what Windows is for!

      Really, the logo won’t matter – It’s the power Windows8 will deliver, and the fact that it will run on any hardware – now that is cool!

      • Darkpr0fit

        Get real!!!!!!

  • Alan Burns

    Your argument appears to be “I don’t like it therefore it is bad”.

    Nothing you said actually sound like valid reasons against it. You dislike the colours? You can change them. Windows 8 needs a new look, not just this impression of “more of the same” as has come before for the last 17 years.

    • Khanh

      Here’s my personal thought, Alan. In some ways, a logo is just like a visual artwork like the Mona Lisa or the Virgins of The Rock. It is good if you can find some reasons for what you like or dislike, but for a visual artwork, it is often hard to analyze or break it down to nano-particles why you like or don’t like it. Probably we can never have a common answer on why people love to see the Mona Lisa the most when they go to the Louvre museum. 
      Just because people don’t have a reason for their opinions on visual artworks doesn’t mean that their arguments are not valid. 

      For Windows 8, I think what really matters is whether or not people like it. If someone can provide a reason, that’s perfect. If not, MS still know the most important fact that their proposed logo is not really what people love.  

  • L Vogt

    You have got to be kidding! I read some articles last week that were really down on ‘8’, like Vista, ME Down, and I thought, after all the positive talk, it was just some fruit heads blowing hot air. Now, until I get the Beta, I don’t know what to think.

  • juli

    From back when I was young “Gag me with a spoon!”  Yuck!

  • Patrick Atkins


  • Gaz

    Not to impressive is it, makes me now wonder if it will be worth upgrading from windows 7:(

    • Darkpr0fit

      Know what you mean. It will more that likely require new hardware just to display this worthless logo.

      • Penta2100

        Actually boot is pretty fast, doubt you will see the logo

  • Reward

    pretty plain!  no pzazz, what so ever!  can be fixed if someone with some artistic insight bends & twist it (so to speak) in to a more pleasant thang…

  • Me

    HAHAHAHAHAHA after a freakin $900.00 cell phone they couldnt afford another  designer to make a better one  Poor Bill, poor poor Bill

  • http://twitter.com/panosd panosd

    looks like your typical modern design.  also looks exactly like their ‘metro’ interface on the phone, with one glance you’re reminded of it.  Having said that, I have the over use of large text in modern design concepts and I’m looking forward to the trend dying a horrible death.

  • mr. Underhill

    I agree, it’s plain, hopefully it’s just for the beta/RC. If not they need to farm this out to the local high school, where imagination isn’t dead yet.

  • http://twitter.com/KshitizBht kshitiz bhattarai

    little more colors like one color for each window then it will be good. This makes sense, it’s metro with perspective.

    • Randal

      They stated that the logo’s color will reflect the color of the theme so making the window use different color is pointless. Perhaps they made blue or cyan as the default color because blue is the most professinal looking color.

  • CptHero

    I think the new logo is really nice and I disagree with every single one of your points which are purely subjective for the most part and borderline laughable on occasions (such as the apple part)

  • Indra Nawawi Daeng Parani

    Dear Onuora,

    Microsoft is not following the consistency line where as, a new Windows comes to live. If we go down below on this page, There are five Windows logo place in line with the same logo that had captured millions of Windows users. The well design four different colors divide equally on the flag shows a peaceful future harmony for Microsoft.  Windows XP and Windows 7 looks nice at the first glance that shows the uniformity of the Windows releases, and that had carried my attention, why took the change? Anyway, Microsoft is a well establish and a huge company where the planning decisions are well made by experts. I belief that Microsoft will be continuing producing Windows products that will capture the consumers heart. Thank you.  

  • Khanh

    The Logo is surprisingly ugly compared to the real Windows 8. I have been experiencing the Developing Preview version for a couple moths and I feel this seems to be the best Windows ever, both in term of its look and speed. 
    I would rather not to have any logo (like what I am having now with the Developing Preview version) than putting this shut-the-PC-now Logo. 

  • Jameswhite

    I would say more of elementry or middle school, my imagination went away prob around mid middle school 

  • Angelo Lu

    No imagination … Hate IT!!!!

  • someoneWhoCares

    This may seem trivial, but could you please start referring to a company as an entity that it is?  Use “Microsoft reveals…” not “Microsoft reveal…”.

    A company is an entity.  A company has employees.  To say what you said could be done plural as “The developers at Microsoft reveal…”  That is alright.

    See this: http://www.writingbar.com/2011/05/writing-tips/writing-tip-company-names-as-plural-or-singular-nouns/

    There are many other sources on the Web that will confirm this.

    Sorry to be picky, but it is hard to read these articles as they come off as trying too hard to look impressive.

  • darkstone

    it’s only a logo…and it’s VERY NICE

  • jay

    i have not used metro but from pix i see ms is moving backward so as the window logo.  since vista, logo have been 3d and now going to flat boring 2d.  i just hope win 8 functions better than it looks.

    • Randal

      Metro UI is composed of flat “boring” 2d colored squares so I think this logo just fits Windows 8.

  • Robin551

    Soie haben Recht Scheusslich aus einem Garagenunternehmen.

  • Robin551

    Hat ein wenig vom Erlkoenig

  • Randal

    The logo matches the Metro UI. The new Metro UI is composed of simple colored squares. I’m just imagining a very colorful Windows 8 logo at the lower right of the Metro UI and it just doesn’t blend with the overall interface.

  • http://twitter.com/geezer_kipplin Paul Robinson

    Microsoft must have bulk bought way to many Cyan toners / ink cart

  • Geoman2_2000

    This logo looks like my 2 year old gradaughter could do a better job! Come on Microsoft where is the fire?

  • Gvdb91

    Yes I agree as a new working system to be launched it is bad no colour or thought has gone into it they should go back to the drawring board and try again

  • valapsp

    Couldn’t be any uglier. Think different Microsoft.

  • Randal

    Microsoft is trying to create a logo which is simple and matches the concept of Metro so this logo is perfect with Windows 8. The window at the left doesn’t only represent windows, but also the tiles in the Metro UI. They make the window contain only a single color because they also state that when you change the color of your theme, the logo’s color reflects the theme’s color.

  • legalbeagle25

    While I am surprised at MS’s choice of a bland new logo, (notice not “brand”), hopefully they can weather the storm with the robust feeling of the new OS.   I feel it is so refreshing in light of the fact I can use it on a 5 year old laptop with only 2 gb of memory.  It may have some ups and downs in the industry in that some may not want to part with their current pc’s if they can use it with their current specs.

  • xinu

    Oh, not. This looks absolutely horrible. I honestly cannot believe this is what they came up with.

  • Fernando

    could have been better but finally i think it’s ok!

  • Bron

    I think the logo might work if it had different colors. I hate the light blue its just…ugh… It should be multiple, bright colors, not one solid drab color.

  • Jdollens

    There is no way that will be the Win 8 logo

  • Mike

    I like the verbal slapdown, but, hey… if you squint your eyes…and titl your head a little…nope it’s still ugly.

  • Razz_blue13

    What an Ugly Logo What microsoft doing nowadays?

  • CyDySy

    Love the logo. Looks honest. It almost looks like it is a company just starting out, and a little retro. I’ve been using my Mango phone for a while now and I could see it as another tile on the main screen.
    There are so many shiny logos on devices these days; they are lost in the confusion of other logo’s. This will stand out. Shiny logo’s don’t work on Gen Y’s and Z’s.
    I love your laughable comments about the logo, and would love to have heard your comments about other companies. “It’s just and apple with a bite out of it!” “It’s just black, or white, not even a colour.”

  • CodeBlaze

    Call that a logo?The colour and font sucks!

  • Eatme

    I believe you even said that the logo changes color with the users choice…….so you aint really got anything to complain about IMHO, and sounds like you’re an Apple fan anywayz….what a joke review/er…..grab some beach and get a tan, desk-jockey.

    • DamSpot

      Would probably be better to be a desk jockey than a Cancer Head. Go out on the freeway and text somemore.

  • Shadetree_54

    its Horrible  hahahahaha

  • Mitch

    I would prefer the actual operating system to be amazing than the logo design. I think this logo is kind of like some songs. You at first, really just want to tune to another radio station but gradually it grows on you, then at the end of the day you kind of think to yourself “Okay I can appreciate this song” and it just sticks. Maybe one day, hopefully when we loving the OS we can think to ourselves about how the design can be appreciated. 

  • Simon Reil

    Swedish Flag?

  • Gnicholson

    looks like shit to me