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Microsoft have revealed the new Windows 8 Tablet that they have created.

It’s called the Microsoft Surface.


  • Surface is super thin — 9.3mm
  • “It’s the first PC with a magnesium case.”
  • Full size USB 2
  • 10.6 inch display

It has a built in Kickstand:

Microsoft Surface Kickstand

Microsoft Surface Kickstand

It also has sturdy Gorilla Glass.

Wow, has a surface cover that serves as a dual keyboard and trackpad.

Microsoft Surface Cover

Microsoft Surface Cover

There will be a Microsoft Surface with Windows RT (ARM) and one with Windows 8 on Intel.

It has a digital pen input. The digital ink is “sampled” at 600 dpi.

“This surface has two digitizers. One for touch, one for digital ink. It sees the proximity of the pen and stops taking hand inputs.”

Digital Pen Microsoft Surface

Digital Pen Microsoft Surface

The pen magnetizes to the body of the device.

“What if you prefer tactile keys? We have another product — the Type Cover. I can touch type on this as fast as I can type on any keyboard. Full trackpad with clicking buttons. I’d like to pull all of the family together.”


Microsoft Surface Keyboard

Microsoft Surface Keyboard

“This spine feels like a book. You’ll hold it like a book. It will feel like it’s another book when you carry it with books.”

Microsoft Surface Blue Spine

Microsoft Surface Blue Spine


Surface for Windows RT available in 32GB and 64GB — priced to competitive rates with ARM tablets.

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  • Daniel Gray

    Yep, and on bloomberg news on the Sat, they were saying last week that this was coming out this week. A friend of mine actually has one in his computer store and people are going NUTZ over this thing. So far he has over 600 orders and counting. Look out iPad and Apple, Windows and Android are gonna kick your buts to the curb.

    Gorilla glass is a high strength glass that makes it very hard to scratch or damage.
    The titanium case makes it very hard to damage if dropped as well as it has a large HD (bigger then the iPads) that is shock resistant meaning it can take a licking and keep on ticking (sorry Timex)
    The ONLY thing this does not have is a dvd writer but it DOES have a USB connection so you can add one if you wish
    It is not only Wifi, but you can blue tooth it to your devices and more.
    This makes the latest and more expensive iPad look like yesterdays news!

  • HookedOnTabs

    I need a full interface with my tower/server which is smoother then my Asus Android. I want to give my laptop away and burn backups and photos from vacation before I get home from my tablet or cell phone. I just want a complete OS that I have used for 20+ years and be mobile with it, IF I CARE TO. I want my tower and my tablet to melt together. So that all is one, and not fragmented without having to pay Apple huge profits.

  • Weiyaoepl

    This is like the ideal laptop/tablet. Only question is how much?

  • Stefan

    I wonder when will a tablet be used for web design.

    • Rex

      Seems like a nice Metro app to make, an html editor.

  • Rex

    These look like a fine piece of hardware, both.  I am confused about which one I really want.  It would be nice to have a full PC tablet, but on the otherhand, I can set it up the Windows RT to connect to my Windows 8 Desktop as a dumb terminal for that part and save a few dollars.  When I am out, I probably would only need the Metro aspect anyway.  Dang you MS.  You just made my choices harder.  Well, I think I wont be looking at an iPad.

  • Guest

    Been using windows 8 for a around 15 days so far and I’m not impressed but i write a review on my blog a few days back. 

    • Rex

      Sorry, was that a bait and switch?  Seemed more like a Linux review with a final bash on Windows 8.  I wouldnt call that a Windows 8 review.  You dont explain at all beyond “Metro Sucks”.  While I like Windows 8, metro and all, I can understand that others dont.  Windows 8 Release preview can do everything that previous versions could do just as fast if not faster.  Dislike of Metro or “disjointed feel” are all perceptions. Check your preconcieved notions of how computers should work at the door and you might find it all makes sense, then again maybe you wont.  While you may have used it for 15 days, I have used it for for 3 months, and I dont want to go back.  Next time you want free publicity, however, back it up.

      • Lason1864

         Micro$oft Fanboy!

        • Rex

          Wow if that isnt the pot calling the kettle black.  You may even be right, but what you wont be hearing me do is talk down the competition.  If the AMD Intel fight has shown anything it is good competition brings out the best in both sides.  Think about that next time before you lay on thinly disguised insults.

  • Nice-man-911

    good like